Here’s What I Am Aware About SUV from Adana Kent Auto

  • Amy Wolfstand
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When SUVs first entered the scene, their tendency to rollover during accidents created a stigma; nobody desires to drive a automobile that tends to fatally injure occupants in a crash. In the years since, know-how has improved SUV security to the point of involving less driver deaths than automobiles of similar weight. In reality, from 2005 via 2008, there were 28 driver deaths per million registered SUVs in the U.S. versus 56 driver deaths per million for vehicles. Pickup vans had 52 driver deaths per million for the same time period. Looking at these numbers, you could possibly say that SUVs are even safer than vehicles. So how did such a turnaround occur?

Once you look inside the CX-5 the first thing you think is “this looks like all the other small SUVs”. It does, but on closer inspection one notices that the standard of inside supplies is very excessive. …

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